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Construction Law

Since its inception in 1987, Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A., has devoted a substantial portion of its practice to the handling of construction related legal matters and litigation as described in more detail in our representative cases and successes pages {insert hyperlink}. Our firm has represented Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Vendors at various stages of the contracting and construction process.

Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A., believes that strategic legal representation is the most effective and productive approach to many contracting situations.  This strategic planning could include negotiations with a governmental entity during the pre-bid phase to obtain more favorable contract provisions. Whether the dispute involves public or private construction, residential, industrial, or commercial construction activities, there is often a need for experienced legal counsel to assist with the decision as to what form of agreement best fits the client’s need, resolution of various types of claims.

Anthony Zebouni’s construction experience is very broad, as Chief of Construction and Procurement at the Office of the General Counsel for 18 years, and afterwards, representing Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Vendors since 2006.  Mr. Zebouni’s experience includes landfill closures, airport expansion, sport facilities construction, and renovation, school construction, power plant construction, public housing construction, subdivision development, and residential and commercial construction.

Mr. Zebouni has represented clients that were involved in issues related to unlicensed contracting both in Court and before the CILB and has represented contractors and engineers with licensure issues and complaints before the DBPR.

J. Michael Lindell’s construction experience is also very broad. Since the inception of Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A., in 1987, Mr. Lindell has devoted a substantial portion of his practice to the handling of construction related legal matters and litigation. Mr. Lindell has represented both contractors and owners in multi-million-dollar claims litigated in the civil courts as well as in an arbitration forum.  For more information about specific cases handled by Mr. Lindell see representative Construction Law cases.