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Jacksonville Complex Civil Litigation Attorneys

Some types of simple disputes can be resolved by almost any competent attorney. By analogy, almost any medical doctor can diagnose a broad range of common illnesses and prescribe the appropriate remedy.

When it comes to complex civil litigation and disputes, a specialist is essential. You would not entrust a major medical crisis to a general practitioner whose experience is limited to treating only minor medical conditions.

Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A.’s senior partner, J. Michael Lindell is Board Certified by the Florida Bar Association in both Civil Trial Law and Business Litigation Law. The Florida Bar Association is the governing body for all attorneys in Jacksonville FL . To achieve board certification by the Florida Bar, one must have already demonstrated competency in handling numerous civil and business disputes in a manner that demonstrates proficiency and professionalism. Mr. Lindell has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law continuously since 1985. He has also been Board Certified in Business Litigation Law continuously since 1996. Every five years Mr. Lindell has been required to demonstrate his continued proficiency in both areas and satisfy the Florida Bar that based on peer review and the outcome of cases actually handled he is deserving of this continued recognition.

A review of some of the representative case previously handled by Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A. will demonstrate the broad range of civil litigation that has been successfully handled by our law firm in the past. If you are facing a dispute that may develop into a complex case, you should contact the skilled attorneys in Jacksonville FL at our office today to schedule a consultation.