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Corporate Governance Actions Attorneys in Jacksonville, FL

It matters who runs your company. The people in the top positions must be suited for their jobs. Usually any such issues regarding governance can be resolved through a calm and rational process. But there are times in which personal interest and political intrigue interfere with doing what is right.

If you are the head of the board of directors or head an important subcommittee on such a board or are in the final stages of acquiring a new company, and the governance structure is not what it ought to be, then you should take legal action. A CEO or any other member of the executive team who refuse to step down can be compelled to do so by the courts.

If you have a significant financial stake in the company or represent those that do, you have rights; you can take legal action to protect your interests. Working with the attorneys in Jacksonville FL such as the ones at Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A. can help you do so.

The notion that any president, chief executive officer, or head of department cannot be removed from their position because they founded a company or have some other significant stake in it is false. When a company that has gone public and has invited the investment and oversight of outside individuals and entities makes itself subject to a greater range of corporate governance law.

It is an unfortunate reality that many executives who have a long history with the company they run sometimes resist every reasonable attempt at an orderly succession. When this happens, swift and decisive action is necessary. The longer the uncertainty goes on, the worse it will be for the image of the brand and for the company’s ability to build on past successes and grow.

To end a corporate governance feud as quickly and painlessly as possible you should work with a lawyer who specializes in such legal issues. The attorneys in Jacksonville FL such as the ones at Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A. are the kind of attorneys you want on your side: tough, honest, intelligent, and determined to have the will of the people you represent prevail. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.