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Diminished Value Claim Attorney in Jacksonville

A careless driver smashes into your beautiful and expensive automobile. You have repaired it, but the car will never be the same. Receiving such a shock to its chassis, motor, electrical system, and hydraulic system has left the vehicle in a degraded state, no matter the quality of the repair. You simply will not be able to sell the car for what it is worth. No one who sees the repair bill or crash report will pay a proper resale value. This loss of value can be recuperated.

It is your right in the state of Florida to make a Diminished Value claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Simply put, this means that you have a right to claim the amount of value lost in your vehicle caused by another driver who caused the property damage. Diminished Value is one of the tightly guarded secrets in the insurance industry. The company that holds the at-fault driver’s policy is unlikely to inform you of it because their aim is to minimize the money they pay out in a motor vehicle crash.

Some insurance companies recognize the legitimacy of such claims but make it difficult for you to recover the money. Contact the diminished value claim attorney at Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A. It is better to retain the services of an experienced attorney than to fight the battle alone.

Certain sport and luxury cars command top dollar when resold. If you possess such a car or an antique that you have kept in top condition, being in an accident constitutes a heavy blow to your investment. Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A., will negotiate with or, when necessary, litigate against the at-fault party’s insurance company to obtain money to cover your lost investment.

We accept diminished value cases in Northeast Florida (Duval, Clay & St. Johns counties) with the following criteria to maximize success:

  1. Someone else was 100% at fault for causing the crash, and that person has insurance.
  2. Your vehicle has not been involved in a prior crash.
  3. Your vehicle is less than 4 years old (or an especially high-end luxury or exotic car).
  4. You must own and not lease your vehicle (the vehicle can be financed).


  • We retain an expert to examine your vehicle – We understand that you are busy so let us put your mind to rest and our experience to work for you.
  • We do not require upfront fees or costs – Since our firm handles Diminished Value cases on a contingency fee basis, we will not ask for money unless and until we secure a recovery for you. The terms and conditions of our legal representation are fully explained in our Diminished Value Fee Agreement.
  • We Typically Obtain Settlements Within 60 days – In many situations, we can settle claims through filing a demand letter with the insurance carrier. Once your case is settled, you can pick up your check in our office at your convenience.

Contact the Diminished Value Attorneys at Lindell Farson & Zebouni, P.A., at 904-880-4000.